This section contains guidance on how to achieve the best results and avoid adverse events.

The prescribing information for Fibrovein is a summary of the SPC and includes important information about the product e.g. the indications, dosage, side effects, precautions and warnings.

The ‘which concentration’ page explains what concentration of Fibrovein to use for different sized veins. It is important to choose the appropriate concentration of Fibrovein for the size of vein. Using too high a concentration can result in pain, pigmentation and ulceration.

When treating larger veins with 3% and 1% Fibrovein the product can be converted to a foam. We recommend the Tessari technique which is described on the ‘making Tessari foam’ page.

Post treatment care describes the use of compression after sclerotherapy. There is evidence that applying compression after treatment reduces the likelihood of pigmentation and thrombophlebitis.

As with all medicines there is a small risk of an adverse reaction. The most common side effects are discussed on the ‘adverse reactions’ page. For full details on possible adverse reactions please consult the SPC.

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