Indications for Use

In the UK, France, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic the indications for use for Fibrovein are as described below:

Fibrovein is licensed for the treatment of uncomplicated primary varicose veins, recurrent or residual varicose veins following surgery, reticular veins, venules and spider veins of the lower extremities that show simple dilation.

The sclerosant should be administered intravenously in small aliquots at multiple sites along the vein to be treated either as a liquid or as a sclerosant/air mixture (foam), for the treatment of larger veins with the 1% and 3% solutions. The objective is to achieve optimal destruction of the vessel wall with the minimum concentration of sclerosant necessary for a clinical result. If the concentration is too high necrosis or other adverse sequelae may occur.

The Tessari method of preparation of the foam is recommended.

Injection of Fibrovein converted to a foam is not approved in all countries and is regarded as 'off label' use. The licence does not support off label use and the practitioner will be responsible for such use. Advice should be sought from the local ministry of health and professional body by practitioners choosing to use the product outside of the licensed indications.

Fibrovein is available in the following strengths: 3%, 1%, 0.5% and 0.2%.

The strengths give a range of concentrations suitable for treating all sizes of veins, from small thread veins to large truncal veins (see Usage).

Fibrovein packages
Concentration Pack size
0.2% 10x5ml vials
0.5% 5x2ml ampoules
1.0% 5x2ml ampoules
3% 5x2ml ampoules
3% 10x5ml vials

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